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The Vineyard – A Single Mom’s Community

The Vineyard-A Single Moms Community desires to be The Ministry to Single Mothers and their children and Resource in Lake County, FL. It is our goal to effectively minster to each single mother who is referred to our program whether it is through our support ministries such as our single moms support group, our strategic partnerships, Man-Training programs, enrichment scholarships and any other community support we are able to refer them to.

Statistics prove that single mothers are some of the poorest individuals in society today. Poverty by demographic shows that the percent of single-parent families with related children that are below poverty level is 35%! Statistically, a child in a single-parent household is far more likely to experience violence, commit suicide, continue a cycle of poverty, become drug dependent, commit a crime or perform below his peers in education.

The entire community is affected by the desperate needs of these single mothers and their children. It is up to businesses and ministries like The Vineyard-A Single Moms Community to come alongside these families and help them to obtain a brighter and more promising future.

Single Moms Support Group​

We have a private, online support group on Facebook where single moms can encourage each other, stay connected and stay in touch with Vineyard activities. If you’re a single mom, join the group here.

Man Training

Our mission is to have Godly Men in the community coming alongside our single mom’s boys to teach them how to grow into Godly Men. The group meets quarterly. A different life skill is taught each month. The man-training will teach our boys everything from a proper hand shake to how to change a tire. For more information check out our Facebook page The Vineyard-A Single Moms Community or join our private Facebook group, The Vineyard Single Moms.

Free Youth Guitar Lessons​

Group music lessons are given for children of single mother’s from 4 pm – 5 pm Wednesdays. For more information check out our Facebook page; The Vineyard-A Single Moms Community