Mo Mydlo - Unforsaken Women

Mo Mydlo

About 25 years ago Tommy Mydlo decided he would ask me out again and take his chances at me not breaking up with him after two weeks. We grew up in the same town, and as God would have it, we dated for two weeks in Junior High, then I broke up with him (He was too pushy. He wanted to hold my hand in public), then two weeks in high school (He was still too pushy for me. He wanted to kiss me in the hallway in front of people) and then in college when he asked me out, he said, “Are you going to break up with me in two weeks?” I told him probably, but that his best bet was to lay off the (PDAs) public displays of affection. Thank goodness he took my advice, and within one year we were married.

Since that snowy March 13th blizzard day, our lives have not slowed down one bit. We have added to our family four beautiful, big brown eyed babies – three boys and a girl. These precious gems have been the joy of both of our hearts since the day they were conceived. I feel like I must mention my crazy Border Collie Tyco, my muse for much of my writing.

Since I was 13 years old, I have worked. My first job was at a local ice cream shop and I used to give Tommy free ice cream. There! I confessed it, and it is out. Whew! I feel better. Since those summers at the ice cream shop, I have allowed God to be creative with my professions and did whatever I could to be a Stay At Home Mom while helping Tommy with finances. I have been everything from a skate guard at a local park where I taught ice skating lessons to six year olds, to playing Santa’s helper at the mall, cooking meals for my elderly grandfather, babysitting kids in my home, selling cosmetics a few times and becoming a Director of Sales twice, and waitressing at a few different family restaurants.

Then, God got a hold of me.

Ten years ago He decided to show me how to start the first MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group in our town, and my heart has been in ministry ever since. I served for six years as the Outreach Director at the 5th fastest-growing Christian church in the nation at the time — and it was the joy of my heart to help hurting, hungry and homeless people on a daily basis through our different ministries.

Today I work from home. God’s new calling is for me to write and teach women how to renew their minds in the Word of God. He has given me every detail and word ever sown into Unforsaken Ministries and I don’t want to write one thing that I am not sure is completely penned by Him. I am in love with Jesus with a love that is unlike any this world has to offer. My prayer is that you find that same kind of love for yourself as you discover that He will never leave you, nor forsake you. You are Unforsaken!