Haiti - Unforsaken Women


Mission Team Visits Morisseau, Haiti in February 2018.

Please see this update from the leader of the mission Terry Brown:

On Friday morning of the trip we were excited to visit the school and church. This would be the first time seeing the new buildings after Hurricane Matthew destroyed both in October 2017. It was amazing to see what they have done in a little over a year.

The former church could seat 150 people. The new church could easily handle 300. In addition, the school has eight classrooms with a cafeteria room and a kitchen. The best part is the roofs are now fully trussed. They still have a few things to finish. A donor has provided funds to finish the floors in both buildings. Another has agreed to finish the windows and exterior doors. This building is the pride of Morisseau. The mayor has expressed his thanks and appreciation. He has promised to work on the road conditions coming up the mountain.

The students sang for us and did an excellent job.  I handed out certifications of appreciation to the school teachers, aides and principal. It was great to honor them and let them know we love them.

After this we had a Celebrate Jesus festival” for the students. This was headed by Unforsaken Women, they were able to bring toys for each of the students. They also did face painting and handed out candy. Chrissy Petersen and Janett McKenzie were the experts with the paints while Tommy, Peter and I handed out the toys and candy. Mo Mydlo gave a short message and invited the children to come forward to accept Jesus. So many responded I am not sure the count. We requested their teachers follow up with them to make sure they understood their decision and begin discipleship.

We again had a movie night on Friday. The attendance started slow but grew as the night went on. The children jockey for position to sit next to you during the movie. One thing I noticed is they love the attention you give them. What seems like an incidental pat on the head to us means recognition and value to the students. They make it easy to love on them. Tommy Mydlo did a great job on the projector again this year. After the movie we decided to leave it with them so they could begin a monthly community movie night on their own.

The mission was donated a very nice GMC 4 wheel drive truck that finally cleared customs on Friday. It was sent 2 months earlier so the timing was perfect for use in the village and transportation back to the airport.

Saturday we visited the local market. We handed out invitations to church and prayed with people.

We visited with the church staff Saturday afternoon to reconnect and recommit our joint responsibilities.

Saturday night the church held a worship service. The Bible says in heaven the saints will sing praises to God. I am convinced it will be in Haitian Creole. They sounded amazing. It was acapella. Everyone on our team, gave a short personal testimony of how they came to Christ. The church loves to hear personal stories about us. Frank LaGuerre did a great job interpreting for them.

Sunday the team spoke quickly at church and Mo Mydlo gave a message. A man came forward to accept Jesus during the Sunday morning service. God is moving in Morisseau!

Our team also honored the LaGuerre’s with a dedication plaque with their photo. They have been an inspiration to me as an example of the power of one. While God’s hand has been on this ministry from the beginning it is really due to the obedience of one couple who listened to the Holy Spirit that all has been accomplished. They have a servants heart. Inscribed on the plaque is Ephesians 3:20;21.

Plans and action has begun to build out more room so we can take larger groups next year. We are also discussing taking a medical mission trip next year. More on this to come.

Thank you to everyone for your prayers and financial help. This mission is entirely funded by personal donations. We are not sponsored by a church. Our accountability is through PriorityOne Worldwide. 100% of every dollar given reaches Morisseau. The board of directors of POW use their personal funds to pay the expense of wiring  the money to them. No one takes a salary or any kind of reimbursement for expenses. We all pay our own airfare and travel expenses.

We have recently begun receiving help from several local churches. Their wisdom and resources will help us take Morisseau to the next  level.

Next year we should be able to take more people.

Terry L. Brown

For more information about our Haiti mission, check out ​https://www.priorityoneworldwide.com/